An open source traffic sign design software package for free vector graphic design software Inkscape

Inkscape Portable with OpenSignTool

If you do not have Inkscape installed and want to experiment OpenSignTool and Inkscape, you can download the file to your local hard drive and unzip the file (Windows 64-bit only). Double click the InkscapePortable.exe to run the Inkscape. All the OpenSignTool script files and other configurations come along with zip file.

The first run may be a little slow because the Inkscape will index the font files in the system, and the subsequent runs will be faster.

The zip file contains portable Inkscape, sign color palette, several open fonts, OpenSignTool package. The download zip file size is about 126.2 MB. Click the button below to start download.

Download Inkscape + OpenSignTool

OpenSignTool Source Code

The OpenSignTool consists of several Inkscape extension Python programs originally created by George Zhang for traffic sign design. The zip file (file size: 218.1 kb) contains the source code and other supporting files.

If Inkscape is already installed on a computer, the steps to install the OpenSignTool are:

  • 1. Choose menu Edit > Preference in Inkscape. On the dialog choose System on the left panel, the third item "User extension" under "System info" group shows the directory path to install extensions.
  • 2. Download and unzip the
  • 3. Copy all the files and folder to the user extension directory.

After OpenSignTool is installed, the tools are accessed through Inkscape menu Extensions > OpenSignTool.

Download OpenSignTool

Sign Poster PDF

The sign poster is created using the OpenSignTool. It contains 673 sign vector graphics (file size: 1.49 MB). The Figure below shows a small portion of the poster file.

A Portion of Sign Poster

Download Full Sign Poster (PDF)

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